• A double Nucleus and double Foundation House facility capable of producing in excess of 100 000 foundation plants annually. There is a Nucleus House for newly imported and one for older varieties. We have a Foundation House for short day varieties and one for day neutral varieties.
  • A Plug plant nursery producing 6-8 million soil-free, premium grade plugs per annum.
  • A moderate altitude nursery (700m) located in a semi desert location for producing 2-3 million overwintered leaf-on, bare-root plants for Spring planting (July to September).



The plug plant nursery is nestled between the sea and the Outeniqua mountain range at 270m elevation, resulting in a moderate, frost- and hail free climate ideal for growing strawberry plug plants. The Latitude is 34°S, giving us the best day-length potential in Southern Africa

The nursery utilises the hanging trough method of growing runners. Our most recently designed trough is engineered for insulation, drainage and collection and re-use of all drainage water elsewhere on the farm. Our combination of hydroponic nucleus and foundation houses coupled with the hanging nurseries enable us to rapidly multiply new and existing varieties, bringing growers the latest varieties with the lowest risk of pest and diseases.

As one of the biggest single plug plant nurseries in the world we provide plug plants which:


  •  Are root disease free
  • Suffer no transplant shock
  • Are easier and less expensive to plant
  • Have no risk of “J” rooting
  • Have a very high success rate
    (few plants are lost)
  • Come into production 2-3 weeks ahead of bare rooted plants

With every purchase of plants we provide at least one free consultation and technical visit to the grower.


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